GRTU is alarmed by how the political uncertainty has engulfed all of our social and economic spheres of life and the results are very worrying. Numerous GRTU members have expressed their concern with the political situation with no conclusion in sight. On the contrary, GRTU is following developments with grave concern and the situation is increasing in absurdity fragmenting our social and economic fabrics.

Business is being negatively affected by the intense political tensions and the feeling that the election is round the corner has been lingering with us for weeks. Business is hit with every piece of sensational news and demonstration and this has now become the order of the day. The outlook is unsustainable in the short term. Consumer sales are hitting rock bottom all too frequently and business and investment in general is experiencing slowdown.

GRTU calls for the government and the opposition to shoulder their political responsibility towards the country and come out with an immediate solution to stabilize the situation and end the stalemate in the shortest time possible.

The current political crises and allegations do not do our country justice. We expect everyone, especially our institutions, to do their utmost to clear the air and go about things with responsibility. The results we are enjoying in our economy today are not just the result of the government’s work. Enterprises have worked very hard and we will not accept to have this progress thrown away and Malta’s goodwill tarnished.

Our country is calling for closure and stability.        


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