In March 2016, the Maltese Government together with the private sector has set up the Mriehel Enterprise Zone Foundation, a Private Public Partnership (PPP). The idea initiated by the private sector was set up to give a makeover to the Mriehel Industrial Estate. Both the private and public sphere of this partnership will fork out equal amounts of investment to make the in-dustrial estate a state of the art business hub. Within this Foundation, GRTU will be representing smaller size operators through President Paul Abela, who acts as one of the members of the Foundation.


In this environment, GRTU organised a meeting with its members within the Mriehel Industrial Estate with the intention to involve SMEs actively in the feedback given to the board of the Foundation. The Foundation is very active at the moment and adjourns every two weeks.

During the meeting with its members GRTU CEO Abigail Mamo, discussed a number of issues and concerns which could be raised to the Foundation. Such as pro-posals for alternative parking zones, waste collection systems, storm water mitigation system and marketing proposals for the area, amongst others. Feedback from small businesses in the area to this cause has been very positive and enlightening.

GRTU has initiated progress in the interest of small busi-nesses. The organisation has been able to obtain a €50,000 contribution from Government towards the PPP, as a collec-tive sum contribution by small businesses. GRTU is of the opinion that small businesses do have interests in the area especially since the market price allocated to the area is ris-ing. Therefore, due to the involvement of large stake-holders, it is in the small businesses’ interest to remain up to date and active stakeholders. GRTU will be speaking to indi-vidual businesses separately to gather their feedback and create a separate sub committee. This committee will be represented in the Foundation’s Board through President Paul Abela as one of its members. The intent of such a com-mittee is to integrate the interests of small businesses in Mriehel which collectively will become proactive players to the agenda setting of the Foundation’s board.


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