We are today enjoying an economy that is healthy and encourages investment. We are experiencing the long coveted economic surplus, something we should celebrate, appreciate and safeguard. GRTU acknowledges the role the last legislature has played in reaching an economic surplus but it also acknowledges the role played by the previous legislature and the role played by employers.

GRTU advocates that an election is always an opportune time to take stock of what has happened and it is up to the political parties to pledge to work in the right direction and improve. We should all learn from past experience and this is what GRTU is doing. With its experience of representing enterprises for 70 years, GRTU is presenting its own electoral manifesto, from a business point of view, as if GRTU had to be a political party contesting the general election and pledging its promises for the next legislature.

GRTU’s 33 proposals are well thought out and measured, they are all easily implementable and needed if the next legislature wants to stimulate business and improve the environment in which they operate. These proposals are essential for enterprise for government to truly be pro-business.

I invite the political parties to incorporate these proposals into their own manifesto to pledge their commitment to being pro-business.

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