Following a meeting held earlier this week with Enemed Chairman Kevin Chircop, GRTU presented its arguments as to why the Unleaded Super Fuel should be distributed widely amongst fuel stations and therefore the stations interested should be given the opportunity to sell the new product.

GRTU is pleased to announce that following this meeting an agreement was reached whereby all fuel stations that express their interest in selling the

 Super Unleaded Petrol will be supplied as soon as the necessary preparations are completed from the fuel stations’ end.

A list of the fuel stations that would like to be supplied with the Super Unleaded Petrol has already been passed on to Enemed.

GRTU and its members have the same interest of Enemed, of pushing the new product and have it effectively penetrate the Maltese market.

GRTU would like to thank Enemed for accepting GRTU’s arguments and providing equal access to all fuel stations. GRTU also thanks Minister Konrad Mizzi for his intervention in the matter that was instrumental in facilitating discussions and finding an amicable solution.


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